Conversation in Divergence
The core of the publication is a conversation which the thirteen people have never had in this way. During this conversation, we talked to each person isolated from the others, about their experiences in creating their graduation project, within a set time frame. In each case this resulted in an open question, which we passed on to the following and unconscious person.
This collaged conversation created a space in which time and distance were placed in a new relationship. This relationship is perceived differently by each reader. The reading time within the publication does not subordinate itself to the general time course of the conversation. In the course of this, reality is viewed from a manipulated and repeatedly distorted transmission. The time zero is a fiction. Speed is a unit which is influenced by the observer's view. The closer we look, the more fragments and nuances we can see.

Concept and design with Mario Naegele
Photography by Bianca Blair and Ida Kaute
Typeface: Synt by Kaj Lehmann of ABCDinamo